Persona Power


I’ve not gone this far describing actors or creating personas before, but it makes a lot of sense. My only real use of this technique to date has been to offer pencil sketches of users with specific disabilities as I attempt cajoule colleagues into thinking accessibly. I like the fact that we have filled out larger details of their lives, it makes them come alive a bit more. Next time I run a course you can expect to see a set fully laminated creations. (Sally lives in Gateshead with her guide dog Radar….)

I was amused to find that Nicola and I had described pretty much the same talkative, networking, buisinessman that had taken a sideways move into mentoring. If these two got together in a room it would be hard to get a word in. It’s been interesting to see that, in the main we have described older people, with only one person under 25. We have two returners to work, and some scarily dynamic people.

I’ve enjoyed reading the descriptions that the rest of the team have created, the level of detail helps them resonate with views of people that I know. Although we haven’t got that far yet I think it is going to be interesting to to step into their shoes and examine our design from their perspectives. We’d like them to be motivated, engaged and be completers – but they are quite different, some will want a slower confidence building approach, others will want to crack on and get to the content.

This is a sort of educational “market research”, but instead of interviewing we are imagining. Let’s hope that between us we imagine right!


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