Bonkers – might as well join in

I’ve spent much of the last two weeks going “I just don’t get it”. This block has lacked a sensible introduction, started with the presumption that we all knew each other, and set us off on a packed schedule of interrelating activities as if we all did nothing but work full time on H817. I’ve been cross, not with the folk in my team, but with the way the environment and task has been structured. Add to that a few logistical and technical difficulties with meetings and you get stressed students. I don’t need this stress!

The Video log for this week is in two halves. A silly bit, followed by a more serious bit. Don’t take the silliness too seriously, it’s a quick recap of the last fornight with assorted cuddly toys.  I’ve spent the morning putting together a log of what we have all done so far so can see the many hours put into this group project already, Nicola especially, Anton (just in time) and Christina (catching up quick).   I’m respectful of your patience and willingness to even engage with the bonkersness that it block3.


14/6/2013 Sadly in order to move this from private to public I have removed the video. It’s a bit personal in terms of presenting my view of the situation and my humour could easily cause offense to our long suffering team. Perhaps I’ll make it public when a little more water has passed under the ODS bridge. Looking at it now I can see just how annoyed I was.


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