I had a bit of a false start on this activity so it was just as we’ll that Nicola was on the right Cloud. I made my way back to Mayes and De Freitas (2004) and their review of elearning theories, frameworks and models. They helpfully state ‘pedagogical frameworks describe the broad principles through which theory is applied to learning and teaching practice’.

Our project focusses on building skills in reflective practice, so this exercise is to identify one of many frameworks to anchor and evaluate our design against. Reflective practice is very much an individual, cognitive task (although there may be some behavioural click this aspects to IT skills development) and it is therefore sound to look at models and frameworks that apply to the cognitive/constructivist zone.

Nicky has already considered Kolb and Jonassen. Kolb must surely be a good fit given the centrality of reflecting on experience. From my reading Jonassen’s model is commonly applied to problem based scenarios. Of the others, Laurillard’s conversational framework (and model too!) appeared worthy of consideration.

Central to Laurillard’s model is the dialogue between the tutor and the student, both in describing reflecting and refining concepts, and in enacting and feeding back on exercises and activities based on those theories/concepts. The tutor acts on feedback to reframe activities and offers support and resources where student perceptions and understanding are limited.

The conversational framework positions the tutor as expert and describes an iterative process in which the student learns from theory, practice and feedback. The video below shows a larger number of potential interactions:

The framework has been influential, but is not without its critics. It is not seen as suited to larger cohorts, to less motivated students and is significantly more complex for tutors than others, eg Kolb.


Requires a PC to tidy


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